Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tessera Solars SunCatcher system: Solar Energy 3D Animation

3D animation produced by Atticus Digital for Tessera Solar explaining their plans for solar energy. Tessera Solars SunCatcher system is an alternative to current solar panels and a efficent source of solar power.

Harnessing the suns energy affordably, while consuming small amounts of water resources. The SunCatcher™ Solar Dish Stirling System is truly that new next generation alternative CSP technology and represents a utility-scaleclean energy solution.

The SunCatcher is a proprietary solar-to-grid-quality electricity generation technology. It is a 25-kilowatt-electric (KWe) solar dish Stirling system designed to automatically track the sun and collect and focus solar energy on to a power conversion unit (PCU), which generates electricity. Solar power is a clean source of alternative energy.

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