Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plug-In Luxury Yachts - The Atlantic Sea Hawk can Hit 50 Knots Running on Electricity Alone

The Atlantic Sea Hawk is one of the most eco-friendly yachts. Atlantic Motor Yachts and Sauter Carbon Offset Design have combined to build this 18-meter luxury yacht that is designed to run of of a hybrid solar engine.

The Atlantic Sea Hawk absorbs energy from the sun which it uses to power itself to a max speed of 50 knots. The yacht is designed to cut fuel costs being able to propel itself strictly off of electricity when navigating harbors and shallow waterways. Why settle for just a Prius when you can have a hybrid yacht as well?

Plugged in the Atlantic Sea Hawk is capable of feeding 11Mwh’s of electricity to the grid. Enough energy to offset up to1,000 nautical miles of Carbon Neutral cruising every year. RR Kamewa jets are safer and in hi-speed jet propelled Yachts will use less fuel than boats of the same size with propellers. The fastest commercial ferries in the world employ jets to reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

Source: Trendhunter

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