Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mentougou Eco-Valley by Eriksson Architects

Helsinki-based Eriksson Architects has designed a masterplan for an amitious eco-city nestled into the Miaofeng mountain area to the west of Beijing. To ensure as little impact as possible, the architects relied on ecological experts eero paloheimo eco city, in addition to their own green building expertise, acquired through years of experience in designing environmentally-conscious projects

The plan calls for what is now unspoiled nature to be developed into a new hub for technological creativity and innovation. It will offer space for nine companies and research institutes, small residential villages capable of housing up to 50,000 employees and a city center. The various areas in the community will be linked by a public transportation network, eliminating the need for single-person vehicles and thus cutting down on CO2 emissions.

This city will produce all its own water, and recycle it, along with all biological nutrients, back into the environment to serve as fertilizer for local agriculture. Residents will also enjoy fresh, clean air thanks to the secluded and thus far undeveloped location. The architecture and positions of the buildings were carefully designed based on the site’s natural topography and characteristics. They are situation around small bodies of water and the modular homes climb the mountain sides, blending into the natural landscape.

Source: LiveGreen Blog

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