Friday, April 29, 2011

Eco-Trek 11: Green Wizards of Oz

The eleventh edition of Eco-Trek - one of the first ever syndicated green online news magazines and presented by German actress, Anita Anthonj- is now available for download and re-publishing for websites, newspapers, and magazines. This week's episode of Eco-Trek features more green stories from the "Fifth Continent." From Melbourne's Green Roofs Project to a "green island" in the middle of Adelaide called: Christie Walk -- an eco-urban complex developed by Urban Ecology Australia. Green Roofs Project MELBOURNE'S Green Roofs Project at the University of Melbourne is helping to create a greener skyline Down Under. At the University of Melbourne, a group of scientists are now researching how Australia can maximize it's environmental and economic benefits through green urban design.

D'Arcy Surfboards Surfing has been a way of life for Stuart D'Arcy. After working in surfboard factories he discovered that he and many of his friends got sick - from the fumes, dust and chemicals they were using - so - 23 years ago he and his wife Michelle set out to manufacture surfboards in a much more eco-friendly way. The Solarball An ingenious way to purify up to three liters of water per day for those who truly need it. 1-in-8 people in our world don't have access to potable water, causing nearly 80% of sickness and disease in developing regions. Jon Liow, a university student from Melbourne designed a device to purify water using only sunlight: The Solarball. Christie Walk In Adelaide you can find a "green island" in the center of the city: "Christie Walk" -- an eco-urban complex developed for Urban Ecology Australia and built by the Architect group Ecopolis - as an experiment in a "quality of life" eco-city.

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