Saturday, November 23, 2013

''SOS Philippines'' - The song after the storm! [TYPHOON HAIYAN / YOLANDA]

Please share this song and video on all social medias. You should hear these children's voices! They're from different parts of Panay island, also hit by the storm. Please help us encourage more help/aid from the rest world, and to deliver a message of hope and solidarity to the Philippines and humanity. The Filipino spirit is a force of nature, struggling to rise up. With all your help, we can survive this crisis. This song connects us all as one humanity, from our island, to the rest of the Visayas, the Philippines - and the rest of the world! Please ask all your friends to share. One Love! Thanks for those who contributed to delivering this SOS.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#GMO A-Go-Go! Animation: Monsanto Video Revolt

Poor Johnny doesn't like "healthy" food. What could possibly
persuade him to eat all his "veggies"?

What Is Monsanto?

See also: What Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To Know About #GMO - Green Documentary: Bitter Seeds #GMO - Seeds Of Death Full Movie: Unveiling The Lies Of Genetically Modified Foods #GMO and What in the World Are They Spraying?

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