Friday, September 9, 2011

The Lucky One: Meet the only hockey player who didn't board fatal flight

It has been called ice hockey's "darkest day" and the worst disaster affecting sport in Russia's recent history. RT shows latest pictures from the very stadium in Minsk, where the Lokomotiv team should have been playing tonight. But of course what we're seeing here is a very different event people have gathered for. Instead of a game, it's a commemoration ceremony for the 43 people killed, when their plane crashed on take off.

One player and a crew member survived. And tonight fans have gathered to remember the three time Russian ice hockey champions. Dynamo Minsk, who would have been Lokomotiv's opponents, have been symbolically scoring own goals as a mark of respect, during the ceremony. The international team had star sportsmen from different countries including Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech republic. Very touching scenes there from Minsk with the stadium crowded with people holding banners baring the names of those who perished.

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