Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peugeot HX1 Concept Trailer 2011

With the HX1 concept car, which redefines the notions of expectation and emotion, Peugeot is again illustrating its ability to learn how to evolve and to reinvent itself constantly. The specification for this prospective study is: to produce a vehicle for up to six people, while offering strong styling, that is sporty and efficient, giving unique driving sensations. To achieve this, the HX1 transcends the notions of adaptability in all areas, with its extreme aerodynamics (the "flaps" are deployed to optimise aero efficiency according to vehicle speed), its tapered, low MPV architecture and its Hybrid4 powerplant integrating "plug-in" technology.

The HX1 is a prospective concept, designed to help envisage future solutions in numerous fields: architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, interior materials and environment, not forgetting, of course, powerplants. These considerations have led to very strong biases which break from the norm and are guided by a theme: "Metamorphosis", to give the vehicle the capability to adapt itself to its environment, to life conditions, driving conditions, etc. and at any time.

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