Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tiger dies for Cottonsoft toilet paper: Say no to rainforest in your toilet

This distressing footage from July 2011 shows the agonising death of an endangered Sumatran tiger in an APP concession in Sumatra, Indonesia. There are less than 400 remaining Sumatran tigers in the wild and that number is rapidly declining as their habitat continues to be destroyed to make cheap pulp and paper products.

Say no to rainforest in your toilet. Rainforest destruction in Indonesia is wiping out the habitat of the rare and endangered Sumatran Tiger. This destruction of habitat is being led by Asia Pulp & paper (APP) owners of the NZ based Cottonsoft. Cottonsoft products contain rainforest fibre and are for sale in NZ supermarkets and, until last week at The Warehouse. Have a look at The Toilet Paper Guide
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