Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Egypt Cairo's Recycling: The Zabaleen Community

The concept of "cradle to cradle" has become a mainstream conservation approach in the recent years. The ideas is that regeneration, sustainability and coexistence with nature, should govern human lives. So today, in the final part of our special report from Egypt, we go to a very unique slum, in the capital Cairo, where the population of 16,000, relies on recycling the city's waste to make a living. Locals, also known as Zabaleen, or "garbage collectors" recycles 85 percent of the trash, a rate higher than other developing countries. In our last visit to Egypt, we went a tour around the Zabaleen community, and also made a stop at the Al-Azhar Park, the equivalent of Cairo's Central Park, which used to be a stinking landfill.

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