Friday, April 29, 2011

Eco-Trek #10: Taking the Green Lead - Down Under

The tenth edition of Eco-Trek - one of the first ever syndicated green online news magazines and presented by German actress Anita Anthonj- is now available for download and re-publishing for websites, newspapers, and magazines.

This week's episode of Eco-Trek features Australia, widely regarded as the greenest continent on the globe. Meet former Minister for the Environment and ex-rock star Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil and the world's fastest solar car.

Peter Garrett is one of Australia's most important environmental activists! For 25 years, Garrett was the lead singer of Midnight Oil, the Sydney rock band as famous for their award-winning music as their outspoken environmental and social activism. Garrett was President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, sat on the board of Greenpeace and received the Australian Humanitarian Foundation Award for his environmental work. He left music to enter politics and was Australia's Minister for the Environment for four years and continues to champion environmental sustainability!

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