Friday, July 22, 2011

New Van Oord ship equipped by Siemens to transport and erect offshore wind power plants

J. J. Sietas KG of Hamburg is the first German shipyard to build an installation vessel for the erection of offshore wind farms. Siemens Marine Solutions will supply the appropriate diesel-electric propulsion and automation system as well as the medium voltage system for power generation and distribution. The order has a value of several million euros. The special vessel is due to be handed over to Van Oord, a Dutch water engineering company, in September 2012.

The installation ship will be used by the Van Oord Group for its offshore projects in the North and the Baltic Sea. The order for the electrical equipment was awarded to a project consortium comprising Siemens AG, Siemens Norway and INTERSCHALT maritime systems AG. The scope of supply from Siemens includes the main generators and the distribution transformers for the ship's medium-voltage distribution, the switchgear and the power management system. Siemens is also delivering the medium voltage transformers and drives for the bow thrusters and the soft starters, as well as the motors for the main propulsion system. Siship Imac, the Siemens ship automation system, will be installed to handle the monitoring, alarm and control functions of the on-board electrical systems.
The company will also be responsible for the project management, engineering and commissioning of the complete diesel-electric propulsion system. All the systems and components used are part of the Siemens Siship solution platform.

The special vessel with a carrying capacity of up to 6,500 tons (dead weight tonnage) is designed for transporting and installing offshore wind power plants. It is intended for use in offshore wind farms located at a distance from the coast. With a length of 139 meters and a width of 38 meters, the ship will be able to work in waters up to 45 meters deep. Furthermore it will have a draft of 5.70 meters and a speed of twelve knots. The special on-board crane will be able to lift 900 tons with an outreach of 30 meters, and work up to a height of about 120 meters above water level. During the installation work in the wind power farms, the ship's crew of 74 will be accommodated in single and double cabins.

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