Thursday, September 1, 2011

Less is More: The Electric Tuk-Tuk by Audric Galzy

The concept of easily accessible light rental Tuk-Tuk has helped a lot in facilitating urban travel. The basic motives are to connect the city with its peripheries and to provide transportation service to the travelers in an eco friendly and simple way. They are designed to be available at every important location of the city be it a railway station, an airport or a shopping network.

The Tuk-Tuk ensures safety, stability, and usability with its three wheels suspension system. It is powered with 15KW electric motor positioned near the front wheel, which offers 100km range and 75kph performance to follow any kind of way to the city. The cockpit is pivoted on the swing arm through an ankle. The turning radius of the front wheel is minimized for safety purpose. The Tuk-Tuk, a triple bond in ground not only makes traveling easy and safe but also saves city from pollution and traffic and preserves its beauty.

Source: Behance

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