Thursday, November 10, 2011

EPA Apps for the Environment Challenge 2011 Popular Choice Winner: Green Search

CGSearch is a mobile Green IT application that would enable users across United States to know and visually compare the air quality index, air pollutant levels, energy consumption of various cites of US and compare same with Atlanta.

These cities denote the places for example where the users would like to travel for a short holiday/vacation/deputation/permanent stay. Names of cities whose data are currently available and travel options are listed in the application. Users can pick any option from the list and view the graphical data. Users can reset the graph by using the homepage icon. Government of United States of America has been recording these environmental variables (data) by placing sensors at different part of certain cities.

These are available for general public and CGSearch used the historic data to build models that would help to generate/predict data for the future. 

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