Monday, January 30, 2012

Amazon Watch Spring 2012 Green-Bag Series

While Brazil prepares to host the Rio +20 Earth Summit this June and present itself as a leading model for sustainable development, the Brazilian government is undertaking measures that will put the Brazilian Amazon in jeopardy.

The Brazilian Congress is pushing through a bill that will recklessly rewrite the country's forest protection laws and this past month President Dilma Rousseff signed legislation that severely weakened the IBAMA, the Brazilian Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Although Brazil has made great gains in fighting deforestation this past decade, the government is removing important pillars of forest protection, putting Brazil's international commitments on the Amazon and sustainability into question.

This session will discuss the new forest code bill, the recent weakening of IBAMA, and the state of the Brazilian Amazon today as Brazil prepares to host the Rio +20 Earth Summit.

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