Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuclear Industry Touts Safety Of New Reactors

Halfway around the globe from Japan's atomic emergency, engineers building a cutting-edge nuclear reactor along Finland's icy shores insist the same crisis could never happen here. And that's not only because Finland is seismically stable.

The 1,600-megawatt European Pressurized Reactor projected to come online in 2013 in Olkiluoto, 195 miles (315 kilometers) northwest of Helsinki, is the first of its kind expected to begin operating after the Japanese disaster.

It has walls thick enough to withstand an airplane crash, components designed to tolerate the extreme cold of the Nordic winter, and decades worth of new safety systems. "(We have) so many backup systems that the kind of accident like in Japan could not happen," said project manager Jouni Silvennoinen. Source:
Hufftington Post

Of course, till the next unprecedented nuclear disaster.

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