Thursday, September 8, 2011

TEDx25thWard 2011: Heroic Delight and Tragic Ends by Grant Gibson

Architect Grant Gibson tells two tales of the lives of Architect Doug Garofalo and his partner T.E. Cames and explores the impact of the media driven, consumerist 21st century impacts how firmness and commodity in architecture result in delight.

Grant Gibson is a registered architect and clinical professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Along with partner T.E.Cames, Grant founded the architectural practice CAMES/gibson. The firm seeks to design environments and objects cross-pollinated with common social, political, economic interests and individual experiences and/or desires. They are openly interested in the use of form and graphics to establish authorship that challenges traditional occurrences, demands a heightened contextual awareness and creates programmatic uniqueness.

Prior to founding CAMES/gibson, Grant was a project designer and manager at Garofalo Architects, where he oversaw the design and construction of a variety of projects, ranging from multi-family housing developments to small art installations to Olympic venue planning. His work with Doug Garofalo can most notably be seen in the development of Wabash Valley's Urbanscape Furniture, the Sanders Residence in Jefferson City, MO and UN Studio's Burnham Centennial Pavilion of 2009.

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