Friday, February 10, 2012

Solve For X Event: The Solve for X Talks

For three days, fifty scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world came together to discuss and debate radical solutions to some really big problems. Each of the speakers shared surprising visions of how breakthrough technology can be applied to huge problems - and maybe just change the world. In our format, after the talk, we break into groups so that everyone then can contribute brainstorm ideas to both evolve and test these visions.

There are three important questions that distinguish a Solve for X talk. Does it highlight a huge problem? Is there a concrete solution that could make a radical impact? Does it explain breakthrough science and technology that could enable this solution?

Solve for X speakers inspire people to work on solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Speakers were selected who answered the three Solve for X questions particularly well or are finding a way to drive Solve for X thinking. Most of the speakers are working hard on making their a reality. Others are giving proposals for moonshot projects but have no current plans to tackle them. Perhaps you and a small team can build on these proposals and make them a reality.

Source: Solve For X

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