Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finalist 2011 Skyscraper Competition: Hydro-thermal Skyscraper in Taipei

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, engulfing a central part of River Danshui and the Taipei Mainstation, HydroThermal Organ is a recreational spa and a new transport hub that functions as a first landmark on approaching Taipei. Seeking to create a physical and mental link between the city and nature, the proposal uses the water from the river to extract heat from the transportation infrastructure.

It replaces the existing river buffer wall with a filtering system that heals the polluted river water and a landscape that allows different levels of water to enter the site. This technology is based on the potential temperature difference between river water and the transport infrastructure. The two products from this heat extraction process, hot water and steam, are used in the landscape and Spa Hotel for aesthetic quality and hot baths. The level of heat extracted depends on the level of transport and circulation through the main station at a particular moment and the amount of hot water and steam depends on the flow of water from the river.

Source: eVolo

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