Friday, April 8, 2011

The House of Abundance: Made out of waste materials.

A team of volunteers is building an eco-friendly structure - the House of Abundance - out of waste materials. The project is irrefutable proof that sustainable collaboration is a more powerful resource than money.

The House of Abundance will be built in Nijmegen, near the River Waal. As part of an effort to create more space for the river, a trench is being dug adjacent to the Waal, which will result in the formation of an ‘island’. The land is being provided free of charge by the local council, which is planning to use the house to accommodate foreign guests there. Conceived by the Waarmakerij, the House of Abundance will be built entirely out of re-cycled materials and refuse (old paving tiles, wooden pallets, nappies and door frames) sourced from the street or donated by individuals or corporations who would otherwise consign their unwanted items to landfill. In addition, by utilising innovative technology, the structure will also be self-sufficient. Solar panels, composting toilets and mirrors to bounce back extra light are all part and parcel of this experimental, eco-friendly building. Not only is the house composed of discarded materials but, perhaps more importantly, it will be built by a social network of volunteers sharing their knowledge and skills.

The House of Abundance project iss part of 7 days of inspiration that has been devised to bring innovative social values to the Netherlands. With fourteen Dutch cities taking part, this event was held from February 28 – March 6 2011. Source: Architecture of Consequence

More pictures and more information: Huis van Overvloed - Our Social Capital

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