Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gemasolar: The world’s first day & night Solar Plant

This video by "Solar Trillions" author Tony Seba shows Gemasolar, the world's first commercial utility-scale solar power plant. Gemasolar is a 19.9-MW plant with a 15-hour 'battery'. Gemasolar's expected production is 110,000 MWh per year—or about enough to fully power 25,000 households. Gemasolar to produce electricity about 6,400 hours per year - a capacity factor of 75%. Gemasolar's power tower has a height of 140 meters (459.3 feet.)

The receiver on top of the tower is like a radiator that is heated to a temperature of about 565 degrees Celsius (1,050 degrees Farenheit) by the sunlight reflected by 2,650 heliostats with a total reflective surface of about 300,000 square meters (3.32 million square feet.)

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