Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jet Style Wind Turbine: The Vortex Wind Funnel

The Vortex Wind Funnel is a revolutionary new wind turbine that uses multiple blades to convert the natural energy in the wind into electrical power. These multiple blades and the funnel shape allow the Vortex Wind Funnel to produce power even at low wind speeds. The funnel shape has many dynamics that work together to increase power, strength and stability. Also, this shape lends itself to a unique phenomenon that we call “Terminal Velocity Protection”.

This unique protection limits the top speed of the turbine eliminating the possibility of a runaway turbine even in a wind storm. In our rigorous testing, the load was completely removed from the generator at 80 mph wind speed with no damage. This would have destroyed most propeller type wind turbines. Instead, the jet-like design of the Vortex Wind Funnel will provide years of trouble-free electricity with less worry or fiddling on your part. The time is now for the wind industry to move on from the propeller technology of the past onto the jet type technology of the future.

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