Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TEDxHayward 2011: The Things in Life That Really Matter by Jessica Margolin

Jessica Margolin is an Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur who has over 15 years experience helping communities and organizations align with their long-term sustainability and developmental goals.

At HIP Investor and for other consulting clients she has evaluated publicly traded companies, and designed mechanisms for assessing hedge funds and artwork for their financial and social impact. While a Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Future, Jessica published Intangible Finance, a Perspective within the 2007 Ten-Year Forecast. At Ricoh Innovation Labs, she developed a mechanism for replicating successful non-profit organizations using intangible asset valuation. She has been involved as a social entrepreneur in startups such as Reframe It (social change), and the Groupery (education software), and has been a panelist and an active volunteer in the Social Capital Markets conferences and occasional editor at the Skoll Foundation's SocialEdge comminity. Ms. Margolin has also co-founded Winged Pigs, an organization that help startups engage in implementing and measuring healthier organizational dynamics. She blogs on topics related to impact and measurement on her blog, Solvation.

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