Monday, October 31, 2011

The Futurre Makers: Biomimicry Wave Power

"Bio-mimicry at heart, is innovation inspired by nature. It's a process of learning from, and then emulating, life's blueprints, recipes, and relationship strategies."

"Its accepted that there's more than 5,000 times the world's current power usage in the oceans. Now that's all forms of energy, its tidal, waves, currents, temperature and salinity gradients. Just the waves that break on our coastlines alone is about twice the world's current power usage, so even to utilise a small fraction of that is going to be very meaningful"

"We're seeing more interest, more demand for large scale installations, and eventually, you will see large wave/tidal farms. Its gone past the point of being speculative and an emergent technology. I firmly believe its on the verge of widespread acceptance.

For our designs, by looking at nature, we could see ways that natural structures alleviate excess forces. They bend over when the waves are too large and they move in a natural, streamlined manner, with the wave forces. We borrow some of that aspect of these natural systems. We integrate it into our designs, and thereby can make very lightweight, flexible structures that are more cost effective".

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