Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plantbook Laptop would recharge through electrolysis 

Designers Seunggi Baek and Hyerim Kim have come up with an amazing, new, eco-friendly laptop computer concept inspired by the workings of the bamboo plant, which soaks up nutrients when emerged in water.

The device consists of a cylindrical structure, with two very thin rollout screens for the keyboard and monitor. To recharge, simply roll the Plantbook back into a cylinder and soak it in a beaker of water where it obtains energy from hydrogen generated by electrolysis. In the processes, it even gives off oxygen!

The energy necessary for electrolysis is provided by a solar heat plate attached to the top of the device. A leaf shape illuminated by a green LED indicates how far along the battery is in the charging process. The notebook’s green color is meant to reflect its intrinsic environmental-friendliness.

Source: LiveGreen Blog

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