Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TEDxSechelt 2011: Art + Nature = Change by Deer Crossing The Art Farm

The art farm is a movement. They're a group of people -- art farmers - who want to create powerful change in our lives and communities. Why change? Because change is needed. Conventional ways of seeing and doing things aren't working any more. Resources are shrinking while population numbers explode. We need to shift our minds and behavior to meet the challenges of the modern age.

Art farmers follow a simple equation: art + nature = change. Founded on five acres of traditional Squamish territory just north of Gibsons, BC, the art farm movement brings art and nature-based innovators together with people devoted to change - to dialogue, to reflect and to share ideas, energy, resources, and skills in order to make change happen. In other words, they farm change through ideas, innovation and skill-sharing at the grassroots level using nature and the arts as their guides.

Art + Nature = Change. Through residencies, workshops, productions, festivals, outreach and education, the art farm creates change in peoples' lives and communities by facilitating this equation.

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