Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Honda gears up to electrify winter with hybrid snowblower

Honda introduced its first all-new hybrid snowblower model for the U.S. market and two new snowblower series to join the company's powerful lineup. The hybrid configuration of the all-new Honda HS1336i snowblower combines a gasoline engine that simultaneously drives the model's auger/fan apparatus (clearing and throwing the snow) and charges the battery, with the electric motors (two in parallel) controlling the track drive forward propulsion. These motors also function as a generator during deceleration of the snowblower – serving to regenerate electrical energy.

Equipped with the Honda iGX390 four-stroke overhead valve (OHV) horizontal shaft engine, the HS1336i snowblower operation results in lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, lower noise and reduced vibration as compared to a conventional snowblower. In addition, the iGX390 incorporates an improved inner muffler construction and has the best ignition timing for its class. Because the iGX390 is equipped with an auto choke (a choke that automatically controls the flow of air to the carburetor), starting operation is simplified, regardless of the atmospheric or engine temperature.

Source: Autoblog Green

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