Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Milk & toffee are bringing communities together in Sri Lanka

Sukitha has worked at the dairy co-op in Muruganwr, south Vavuniya, since 2009. The co-op now has over 300 members, 150 of which deliver milk to the co-op every day. Once Sukitha and her colleagues collect in the milk from the dairy farmers it is sold on to local business and schools. Some of the milk is kept at the co-op to make dairy products such as ghee, toffeee and ice packs.

Sukitha is very keen for the co-op to continue growing and expanding. "I hope that next year the dairy co-op will develop further and we can expand. We want to have a separate building for making and selling the products. If we can increase the production of milk based products we can increase the income of the co-op and it can grow. We can have more members. I would like it to have 500 members. People come to the co-op everyday and ask if they can join. People know now that there are many advantages of being a member of the co-op." says Sukitha

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