Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Overview of Smart Home Technology

In the home of the future, smart home technologies will be integrated into the home during the construction phase. There are a number of key features in a smart home system, many of which are designed to work together.

For example, in the home theatre or entertainment room, the home automation system can tie together the media control center with certain elements that may be controlled through the system. The lighting in the room can be tied to the media center such that the lights automatically dim when a movie begins to play and brighten when the movie is over. The speaker system can be adjusted such that it is muted, or the volume turned down when the security system or home intercom is activated. Curtains or blinds in the theatre room can be closed automatically, and the room temperature can be adjusted for comfort in a home with zoned, controlled heating and cooling.

A simple system with basic audio, security, lighting, climate control, and a single touch screen requires on the order of 800 meters of wire, and some customized programming to allow for vacation setting and other specialized settings. A more sophisticated system that integrates media, voice and data lines, and additional touch screens can require over 3000 meters of wire and elaborate customized programming. These systems can incorporate closed-circuit TV, HDTV, garage door control, irrigation, and muliple climate control zones with touch pad controllers place in various locations throughout the home.

Source: Leonardo ENERGY

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