Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mayor switches on new electric vehicle scheme

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, today launched the capital's first city-wide electric charge point network and membership scheme, making it easier for electric vehicle owners to plug in whilst on the move.

With 150 new charge points operating under a single scheme, Source London is now the capital’s largest charging network. It has significantly boosted existing numbers of charge points operated by a range of different localised schemes. By 2013, Source London will total at least 1,300 charge points, more than the number of petrol stations currently in London, ensuring the infrastructure is in place for significantly more people and businesses to buy an electric vehicle from the expanding range coming to market.

Annual membership of Source London is £100, enabling card holders to charge up at any Source London point as many times as required. Charge points are located on streets and in car parks and are instantly recognisable in Source London branding. Users simply touch their membership card to the reader on the charge point and then plug in their vehicle to charge.


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