Friday, May 27, 2011

Eco-Trek 15: Green between Orient and Occident

The fifteenth edition of Eco-Trek - one of the first ever syndicated green online news magazines and presented by German actress Anita Anthonj is now available for download and re-publishing for websites, newspapers, and magazines. Eco-Trek is in Kazakhstan this week -- the oil rich central Asian country that works hard on achieving environmental credibility.

Almaty or Alma Ata as the city was known until 1997 when it gave up being the capitol of Kazakhstan to Astana, historically has always been the threshold between Orient and Occident. The central Asian country, culturally and politically connects the West with the East.

The Washington State University department teamed up with some Kazakh students to re-design a botanic garden in Almaty. This is part of a greater initiative by the University to develop sustainable agriculture in southern Kazakhstan, developing renewable energy systems; water and hydro-energy projects The initiative is paired with consulting to help farmers and entrepreneurs develop economically sustainable businesses.

Khan Shatyr: The world's largest tent is now an iconic landmark of Kazakhstan's new capitol, Astana. Designed by Norman Foster, the 150 meter tall structure has a lot of impressive green features from copious natural day lighting to interior gardens and living systems. Although the outside temperature varies from -35 degrees to +35 degrees Celsius, the interior maintains a moderate 15-30 degrees.

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